Minui D'ûraug (Deceased)

Stern High Elf wizard and Sylphen researcher.


Height: 5’ 11" (182 cm)
Weight: 163 lbs (67.5kg)
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair: Bald, long remnant gray strands
Eyes: Yellow

Typically dressed in fine Elven clothing of many layers.
A strong willed, dominating personality bordering on lewdness, balanced by a frail and calm nature.Minuui_d_raug_-_Fine_Cloth.jpg


Near the Northwest coast, in the city of Caras Lossnaind, at dusk “Minus” was born the only child of a retired Spell-Shield Legionnaire, his mother died giving birth. The earliest memory he can recall is the last sunset before The Long Night. The image most clear in his mind, even to this day, is that of a dark sun rising.

The Long Night was far more dark and terrible for the Elves than any other race of Mur.

More than another two decades have passed since the return of the Light. Minui has grown into an Elf of impressive abilities and skill but has no interest in city society or military service. Watchful of the setting and rising sun each day, he intends to discern the secrets of The Long Night and the treasures it may have littered across the land.

Minui D'ûraug (Deceased)

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