Company Equipment

Box of Holding This ornate wooden jewelry box is 6" by 8" by 4" deep on the outside, but it contains a cubic meter of internal space. Any objects stored inside must be able to pass the 6" by 8" opening.

Mote of Elemental Air This object takes the physical form of a point of pale blue light. It is very cold to the touch, and is nearly buoyant in the air. Without great care, even the smallest gust of wind would blow this mote away. The Mote constantly freshens the air around it with a barely perceptible breeze. If left in the open, it can provide enough fresh air to sustain one medium sized creature. If kept in a sealed space with no breathing creatures, the effect can build a gust of pressure that can be released later to freshen a large area.

Boots of Spider Climb When attuned, the wearer has a constant spider climb enchantment, giving them the ability to move along any surface without making climb checks. NEW! Boots of Elven Kind x2

Cloak of Elven Kind x2 NEW! Dancing Blade, scimitar +1 This ornate elven scimitar can be tossed into the air and, with the command word 'silka' act as if under the phantasmal blade spell. It can move up to 20 feet and attack. once given a target, it will puruse and strike that target for one minute (6 rounds) on the 7th round, it can move 20 feet and then falls to the ground (if not caught by the attuned owner). If the owner moves 100 feet or more away, the blade drops lifeless to the ground.

10 x Sling bullets, +1


Company Equipment

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