The Western Frontier is a mixing pot of several different cultures and sub cultures. From the Elves, to the native humans, to the Wisenlore settlers, the High Countrymen, the Manna Waste tribes not to mention the various goblinoid bands. Due to all of these intermingled groups, gods and god worship in the frontier has taken on a blended and polytheistic flavor. Many groups recognize the same gods or different aspects of those gods.

Educated religious scholars tend to accept almost all deities as either being their own independent beings, scions of other more common deities, or alternate interpretations of those deities. Established religious groups tend to view their favored gods as the “primary” deities and acknowledge other gods as demigods or some other lower tier.

Penta Perennis

The Eternal Five

This is the primary pantheon of Wisenlore. It reveres Corelleon, Pelor, Sehanine, The Raven Queen, and Muir itself. This religion is very much rooted in the annual cycle, with four of the gods taking on each of the seasons. The belief is that when the seasons manifest themselves, the corresponding god is interacting with Muir in some direct way.

The Seldarine

Fellowship of the Wood

The elves of the Western Frontier have an ancient and personal relationship with deities. The Seldarine is a very structured pantheon, and revolves around aspects of the wilds, emotions and life.
Corellon Larethian, greater deity leader of the Seldarine – Corellon is the father of elven kind and the the primary sovereign of elvish priests.
Angharradh, greater deity and consort to Corellon – Angharradh is also refereed to as the Triune goddess. She is a divine personification composed of Aerdrie, Hanali, and Sehanine, and represents the three primary qualities that embody elven femenism: freedom, beauty, and mystery.
Aerdrie Faenya, intermediate deity of the wind
Hanali Celanil, intermediate deity of love
Sehanine Moonbow, intermediate deity of the moon
Deep Sashelas, intermediate deity of the seas
Labelas Enoreth, intermediate deity of longevity
Rillifane Rallathil, intermediate deity of nature
Solonor Thelandira, intermediate deity of hunting
Erevan Ilesere, intermediate deity of trickery
Fenmarel Mestarine, lesser deity of outcasts

Afa Dyrka

Ancestor Worship

The is the primary religion of the High Countrymen, the dwarves of the northern mountains. There is no specific deity that is universally worshiped, instead the ancestors of ones own family are revered. Storytelling of the feats of ones grandparents and great grandparents is a big part of this religion, as is the collection and safe keeping of relics from their bodies such as locks of hair, bones, teeth, tanned skin, vials of congealed blood and any other physical remain. There are often shrines dedicated to many ancestors of the family.

The Old Ones

Raw Nature Worship

The native humans and many goblinoid tribes practice a generalized worship of nature and natural powers. The Old Ones are never named, and are considered to be a complete mystery even to their followers. it is beleived that the old ones manifest themselves in feelings and emotions, storms and natural events, disease, spontaneous healings and fate and happenstance in the daily lives of those who worship. General practices vary wildly from person to person, but almost always involve a reverence for ones surroundings, not taking ones feelings for granted, and indulging impulses that bring pleasure to as many people as possible.


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