Written upon sturdy paper bound in leather and emblazoned with a blackened stylized MW

This journal describes in some detail several years of Marcus Windmuir's life.  He made entries atleast every two months.  Among the mundane information, you glean the following data:

1)  Marcus discovered the underground space by accident.  He dabbled in ritual casting and cast detect magic while transcribing a tome into common.  After determining the passphrase he was able to reset the access to use his signature on the chalk board.  He would use magehand to erase the mark after he was in the stair case, and would use magehand again to reopen the passage.

2)  Marcus used this space to work in peace, as he found the monastery to be too busy for his liking.

3)  Marcus never fully explored the area under the monastery out of fear.  He primarily stuck to the main entrance, the bed chamber and the pantry.  He would hear noises and become unnerved whenever venturing down the other hallways.

4) Marcus describes overcoming the trap on the stair by twisting every 3rd torch sconce.  This, as he says "Seems to engage some kind of retaining pin that prevents the trigger plates from activating."


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