Small bands of humans emigrated from across the ocean in ancient times, but the main population that now lives in the Western Frontier originated from the Wisenlore Empire. Before the Long Night, anti-imperialist sentiment was growing in the bulk of the population. To help prevent an uprising, Wisenlore had a fleet of ships through the straits and many elite troops over the desert. The long night cut these soldiers off from the empire. Tensions between the Frontiersmen and the Imperialists still exist and is the driving force preventing a unified human population from living in the Western Frontier.


Most dwarves in the western frontier emigrated along with the frontiersmen, or were members of the imperial army or fleet. Native populations of dwarves are said to live far north in the mountain ranges north of lakeshire, but are rarely seen. The dwarves in the frontier fall along the same political lines as the humans.


Elves are the original inhabitants of the frontier (aside from the legendary Sylphen) and have the deepest roots. Generally, the elves are accepting of the frontiersmen, and distrustful of the imperialists. There are areas in the deep woods where the amazon like Wardens stand guard, not allowing anyone entrance.

The elves felt the deepest impact from the Long Night. See Elves of the Western Frontier for more details.

Halflings and Gnomes

These two diminutive races are rare in the western frontier and exist primarily in small hidden communities. Some have integrated into regular society but as a whole these races have kept to themselves.


There are two populations of orcs in the western frontier: The Utherak tribe who comes from the arid wastelands to the east. These orcs have an orange complexion and are very well organized (tend toward L/E), performing raids on the closest settlements. Orcs from the northern mountain range are green-skinned brutes loosely organized as the Grumesh tribes. These are prototypical orcs (tend toward C/E) and have strong alliances with goblins, hobgoblins, and other monstrous humanoids who call the mountain range home.


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