The Company

Constance (Connie)

Class: Laborer (Human, female)
Str-13 Con-14 Dex-9 Int-10 Wis-10 Cha-6
Combat level:2 Skill level:5
Proficient in manual tasks

She was a deck hand on a river barge for 3 years. she is a little heavy set but more muscle than fat. She has generally plain features, short blonde hair, brown eyes and a stubby nose. She has a stoic temperament bordering on suborn. She is a bit sensitive about any sexism, and goes out of her way to prove herself as any man’s equal.


Class: Juvenile (Human, female)
Str-6 Con-8 Dex-12 Int-8 Wis-6 Cha-4 (note, as a Juvenile her abilities are still developing.)
Combat level:0 Skill level:1
Proficient in domestic work

Black hair and green eyes, her hair has grown long in captivity, at the first chance she will use Rose’s shears to trim it to shoulder length. She will remain aloof from others, rarely smiling and never offering information about herself freely. She still has the knife given to her by Haevar, tucked into a belt at her hip. She responds well to requests and will eventually settle into the roll of “cabin girl”


Class: Laborer (Half-elf, male)
Str-14 Con-12 Dex-14 Int-8 Wis-8 Cha-10
Combat level:1 Skill level:5
Proficient in manual tasks

Reecher claims a very distant elven heritage, although is only apparent upon very close inspection of his facial features. He is a capable worker, although he complains constantly. He has worked as a barge man for several years. He is one of the “capable” men Sender selected.

Swain Roscoe

Class: Laborer (Human, male)
Str-10 Con-10 Dex-10 Int-16 Wis-14 Cha-13
Combat level:2 Skill level:4
Proficient in social skills and manual tasks

Swain is a sub par worker, but his silver tongue and sharp mind have proven valuable to those who have employed him. He has been working his way north doing odd jobs along the road. At Bainbridge, he joined the same Barge that Connie worked on for the last leg of his journey to Lakeshire.


Class: Solider (Human, male)
Str-13 Con-16 Dex-14 Int-8 Wis-6 Cha-8
Combat level:4 Skill level:1
Proficient in martial weapons

Ligart used to be a city guard. He does not willing talk about why he is no longer a city guard. He has been selling his sword as protection for merchants out of lakeshire since last year. His vessel was one taken while heading out to travel down river. He prefers to fight with a sword and shield, and his preferred armor is chainmail.


Class: Brute (Human, male)
Str-16 Con-12 Dex-8 Int-10 Wis-10 Cha-12
Combat level:4 skill level:1
Proficient in simple weapons

Horrace was taking the river to Duegarton via Lakeshire because, as he puts it, it was important for him to avoid the roads. He is remarkably strong and has a loud personality. He very much dislikes manual labor and will only perform those tasks if directly ordered to.

Joserion Magcan (Jos)

Class: Traveler (half-elf, male)
Str-8 Con-10 Dex-15 Int-12 Wis-12 Cha-16

Jos comes from a well-to-do family on the southern coast in Wisenlore Fleet controlled territory. He desired to travel for the novelty of it and set out on his own against his families wishes. He had wanted to come and see the great northern lake and possibly explore the lands north of lakeshire. He was on the same vessel as Connie. He is eager to pitch in as best he can in any task, but claims that the primary purpose of joining the party is to “see where this path takes him”.

The Company

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