The Seven Minstrel Lords

In dwarvish, written on sheets of papyrus spiral bound with copper wire:

Herein lies rare works from manuscripts found all over the low country. They detail the fascinating folklore of the Seven Minstrel Lords. I am restoring these works as the original texts are very decayed and faded.

~Brother Marcus Windmuir

The Seven Minstrel Lords of the Rock and the Weeping Mother of Muir

Muir fell ill with a deep sickness that sapped all of her energy. She fell into a deep fitful sleep. The Mother worried over her child all night, and in the morning she saw that her child was still not well. She began to weep with grief, and her tears cast fir onto the breast of her child.

“Great Mother,” pleaded the Seven Minstrel Lords “why do you despair? your sorrow has brought ruin to our homes.”

“I grieve for my daughter, who is ill and worsening” the Mother of Muir sobbed.

“Then we shall drive out the illness and ease your sorrow” The Minstrel Lords cried. They raised their horns, harps, and drums. They sang out in deep and high notes. They sang the hymn that slew the wyrm, and that sealed the spider in its lair.

But the great hymn of victory shook the mother and caused her pain. she wept all the more, now for herself and for her child.

The Seven Minstrel Lords and the Black Spirit

“what are we to do?” The Minstrel Lords despaired. For seven days and nights the kings fasted, praying for an answer. They wandered the forests and the hills, the caves and the streams. They sought the trailhead to the path that would lead them to the heart of Muir where the wound could be cured.

Delerious with hunger and desperate for answers, the Minstrel Lords tore at their beards and hair until it was all ripped out. They ripped their tunics until they were naked. Then, utterly destitute, they found themselves at the mouth of a shallow cavern. Inside the cave, upon a toadstool sat a small black spirit.

“Why dost thou torment thyselves?”

“We seek guidance, to find the heart of Muir so that we can cure it.”

“Thee cannot find the paths in such a state. Eat” The spirit gave each of the seven minstrels a portion of the mushroom

The text ends here, with a red silk bookmark. Embroidered on the silk are the golden letters “M W”. There are many blank pages beyond this placeholde

The Seven Minstrel Lords

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