A hardened warrior, both wild and stoic.


Giantess, monster, Empress, or brute, for her size, K’yhulin has been called these and many more things throughout her life. Though only 189 centimeters in height, tall but not unnatural for a human female, combined with her swollen musculature at 84 kilograms – she made for a very noticeable woman.

Incredibly strong, yes, but she carries herself silent and reserved. Confident and determined, when she speaks – she speaks loudly and clear, but rarely making eye contact.

She wears a combination of linen and leather, suited for hunting and fishing. She wears extremely thick boots with solid soles, but they’ve worn thin and taken on the color of mud. Her hair is worn in a top knot or high ponytail.

Among the only possessions she seems to value are a breastplate, greaves, bracers, a glaive, heavy crossbow, and a longsword.



K’yhulin shared these details of her story.

" On the Eastern sands of the great Desert, lies a town whose name has been forgotten. There, a little over 34 years ago, an unknown horde of barbarians from the North – turned a town into a temporary war camp. I was born as a result of this.

It would be 2 years before more aid from Wisenlore arrived.

My mother cared for me during my infancy, but sold me to the wife of a Wisenlore Colonel among the support brigade that arrived.

The woman, Misses Agatha, was mad from having lost her children to a blight brought on at the onset of the Long Night.

When I was 10 years of age, Misses Agatha was “saved” from her self destructive path by the Night Sisters.

Thus, I was sold into the service of a nobleman starting out as a frontier farmer. Nine happy years would pass on Lord Parn Farm.

Once again, I was sold.

My next Master was a wizard, he lead a caravan that traveled between settlements across a large expanse of the Manna Waste desert.

Eventually, a mercenary boss bought me for his trophy guard of all women. I was most often used as night watch. By now I was able to defend my own honor and grew to be respected.

The flags of Wisenlore would enter my life again upon my 25th year. I was gifted to a Captain attempting to setup a strong presence for the Fighter’s Guild in the West. I skipped recruit training and was enlisted in their imperial army ranks.

Our company saw much action, displacing wild trolls, repelling nomadic orcs, and even being hit by random elf bandits. 7 years of honorable service down, without realizing it – I had earned my freedom and was given a Contract of Release from service.

I chose to head into the West This trek would last for over 18 moons. This was a special communion with nature and the wild for me.

I found the village of Devlan’s retreat by the following Spring. Here I would claim a home, tame land, and forge a simple sustainable life."


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